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When Communication is Mission Critical, Connectivity Matters

BNL is an official reseller of Plum Case®, the ultra-powerful, secure, and reliable Mobile Broadband Kit family of products, which can support a small team or entire office with its cutting-edge technology. Your organization will be able to not only survive, but thrive--regardless of connectivity disruptions, remote locations, or natural disasters. You can even mobilize teams using the portable Plum Case without compromising the safety and security of your organization’s data.


The Plum Case® also comes complete with a NetCloud Management system to oversee and analyze network usage, giving you more control.

When Communcation is Mission Critical Conectivity Matters-Plum Case
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Plum Basic®
The Plum Basic® is designed for business continuity and secure portable internet connectivity for remote work. It is used for smaller organizations and where only one carrier is required. Even our standard model is more powerful than most other devices on the market. 
Plum Explorer™
Plum’s most popular solution. With its small size, lightweight, and two carriers the Plum Case Explorer™ provides high-speed internet and voice communications anywhere you want to go. Perfectly designed for small teams and medium organizations as a business continuity solution or for remote internet connectivity.
Plum Extended®
The Plum Extended® is the smallest Plum Case that has 4x4 MIMO and is 5G ready on both circuits.  For small to medium organizations that need fast, secure, and reliable communication, the Plum Extended® is the optimal combination of speed and portability.
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Plum Enterprise®.jpg
Plum Enhanced®
The Plum Enhanced® contains the most, high-sensitivity antennas so it is designed for systems and activities that use substantial bandwidth. Great for medium to large organizations that may need to overcome high cellular traffic situations. The Enhanced® Case is the fastest unit in the Plum Case® family.
Plum Enterprise®
Extraordinarily powerful, secure, and reliable – the Plum Enterprise® changed what was thought possible for a portable, business continuity, and failover device. With the capability to support an entire data center, and four PoE ports, the Enterprise® is designed with the most capabilities.
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Plum SAT III™.jpg
The ultimate in disaster preparedness. With both cellular and satellite service, the SAT III™ allows lower cost, high bandwidth service on cellular, and utilizes satellite service only when multiple carriers are not available. For small to medium teams, The SAT III™ provides global coverage regardless of landscape or location.

DIsaster Preparedness

When tragedy strikes, communication becomes a matter of life and death. First responders and relief workers must be able to share information and data quickly and securely to save lives and property. The Plum Case® serves as a critical lifeline in emergencies and is trusted by life-saving organizations like FEMA, the U.S. Coast Guard,
The U.S. Army, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to coordinate effective disaster responses.

Business Continuity

Internet connectivity is the backbone of modern business. When the internet "goes down," revenue, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity suffer. The Plum Case® can protect any business from costly downtimes, ensuring that users have uninterrupted, secure access to high-speed voice and data from almost any location on the planet.


Whether you need high-speed internet access for a temporary medical space, a pop-up remote learning facility in a rural area, a job site, or anywhere outside the office, a Plum Case® enables you to quickly set up a secure, reliable, and easy to use, high-speed network to connect people, teams, and communities from Day One.

Network Capacity

Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong will at the worst possible time. Whether you're holding a socially distanced training event for a new group of cadets or just delivering a crucial presentation, Plum Case® delivers a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use portable network that won't let you down.

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