BNL, Inc




financial crimes enforcement network

BNL was awarded a five-year contract to provide case analysis support services to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) which serves as a clearinghouse service for law enforcement and intelligence organizations seeking information for criminal investigations. BNL continues to provide law enforcement sensitive data mining and information processing and administrative support. This support includes data retrieval (typically requiring assiduous data research), accurate and comprehensive reports. Support services provided under this contract mirror the fol-lowing primary categories: On-Site Management of Employees; processing of all incoming FinCEN Case Work Requests submitted by federal law enforcement agencies and Foreign Intelligence Units; management of case information, including dissemination of reports and case data archiving; and the processing of priority, time-sensitive Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) cases.

Technical requirements include the ability to utilize and navigate multiple databases; complex financial transaction analysis skills; knowledge of legal re-search tools; intelligence and investigative skills; and the ability to perform deductive reasoning using complex data sets. The staff is also trained to identify and track commercial and/or financial assets for developing individual financial profiles. BNL Financial Intelligence Analysts also conduct Financial Cyber Enabled Crimes Analysis and analyze threats to Critical Infrastructure. Our client is charged with safeguarding the U.S. financial system from illicit use and combating money laundering to promote national security through the collection, analysis, and dissemination of financial intelligence and strategic use of financial authorities.

BNL Financial Intelligence Analysts worked on high profile cases, including responses to investigations out of war zones and long-term projects with high intensity financial crime areas worldwide. Our Financial Intelligence Analysts’ work detected terrorist financing, identified threats, and combated cyber and virtual vulnerabilities in licit and illicit networks for domestic and international cases.

naval criminal investigative service

At project initiation, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) was organized into two major directorates, one with overall responsibility for the operational mission of the organization and the other with responsibility for the full range of management and administrative support functions. BNL, Inc. was engaged as a management consult-ant in the comprehensive review and assessment of the broad administrative organization encompassing financial management, information technology, facilities management, contracting and procurement, records management, logistics, security, civilian human resources, military administration, and administrative services.

BNL team members participated in the review and assessment of each of these functional areas, offering both technical expertise and extensive experience with Department of the Navy mission, functions, and organizations. In addition, BNL supported implementation planning and execution of major organizational change efforts (transition to NSPS and DCIPS), which included: project management, policy development, risk management, management and workforce training, process evaluation, web-site development, and management in-formation system planning and implementation.

Additionally, BNL identified functional requirements; outlined the functional responsibilities, primary and secondary roles and cross-cutting issues between the support organizations reporting to the Deputy Director for Management and Administration; and recommended organizational alignments in order to maximize efficiencies, enhance management controls, and improve organizational effectiveness.


defense information systems agency

SLC3S  BNL supported a DISA contract as a Program Manager to the Senior Leadership Command, Control and Communications Systems (SLC3S) community consisting of 12 commands and Federal agencies. BNL developed repeatable and measurable processes to meet the demands for leadership and collaboration among these stakeholders. We developed programmatic documentation including program plan, task order planning, test planning, and management reports.

This integrated Program required collaboration with community stakeholders and resulted in significant cost and time reduction by pooling funding, personnel, best practices, and facilities to resolve common problems. BNL directed data collection, validation, management and analysis of real-time strategic communications measurement information from multiple data sources. BNL performance ensured technologies were properly assessed, managed, and presented for review decisions. Our engineering support services staff conducted testing and studies of the complex interactions between networked systems. BNL developed a Network Evaluation and Analysis Testing (NEAT) report and metrics that serves as the base-line for network performance for SLC3S communications systems.

SVEIITES  BNL Inc. served as the Program Manager for the Secure Voice Engineering, Integration, Implementation, Test and Evaluation Support (SVEIITES) Program providing the necessary engineering expertise to support the baseline configuration, upgrades, enhancements, integration, and testing and analysis of the DRSN, EPC, PNVC, SECN, and VoSIP communications systems to provide the Joint Staff, OSD and White House Military Office and the system users with the necessary secure voice, situational awareness, crisis action, and operational capabilities to accomplish their missions.
The scope of this requirement, covered the global aspects of these critical networks as well as the "regional" aspects of the Enhanced Pentagon Capability, providing specialized functional area technical support to the DISA Network Services organization in its mission of (1) performing engineering performance test and analysis of current and evolving secure voice networks and (2) providing system engineering design, implementation, and integration support to current and evolving secure voice networks including Information Assurance support. This effort has evolved into BNL supporting DISA’s DISN Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN) through Secure Voice Services and Program Engineering Support (SVS PES) and as Program Office SME to the DRSN Sites for Risk Management Framework (RMF) security assessment and authorization (A&A).