IT Professional Services

BNL offers a wide range of IT Professional Services to our clients as a Systems Engineering and Technical Advisor (SETA), providing analysis and systems support services while working closely with engineering staff members in addition to planning, documentation, testing, threat assessment, and implementation.

Featured Client Past Performance

U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency, Senior Leadership Command, Control and Communications System (SLC3S)

Challenge: Our client required improved target communications networks and systems. This would require monitoring the installation of upgraded/new secure voice equipment, and test the installed secure telephone equipment to verify operation of 2-wire and ISDN interfaces as well as ring down circuits and facsimile operations function efficiently.

Solution: BNL developed test plans and procedures to manage the assessments and trend analysis for end-to-end connectivity across the SLC3S communications networks and systems.

Impact: BNL supported DISA by establishing a baseline matrix for performance across target communications networks and systems of the SLC3S ES PMO and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Service Agencies. This served as a solid point of reference to measure the impact of technology upgrades and changes against user requirements and specifications, interoperability requirements, and adverse consequences or vulnerabilities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Systems Support
  • Systems Engineering and Integration
  • Technical Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Technical Planning
  • Engineering Process Improvement
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Communications Engineering
  • Design Documentation
  • Network and System Threat Assessment